About Greenland

Hunting in Greenland is a wonderful Arctic experience. Musk Ox are hunted in the Spring and a combination hunt for Musk Ox and Caribou is possible in the Fall.

The outfitter has been conducting these hunts for a number of years and runs a very good operation. You will hunt with local Inuit guides who know the species and the land, and they will ensure that you have a safe and successful hunt. Unlike most winter Arctic hunts which are very physically demanding our hunts are conducted from ATVs and have been done by hunters of all ages and physical condition. Staying in a warm, cozy cabin and sleeping on proper beds makes the hunt very comfortable. Dressing in appropriate layers will ensure hunters stay warm on the hunt.

The Musk Ox in this area are typically 15% larger in body size when compared to Musk Ox found elsewhere as the forage is very good. Caribou in Greenland are classified as the Central Canada Barren Ground Caribou by Pope & Young.

Snow hare, arctic fox and ptarmigan can also be hunted. We do not offer any fishing.

Spring Hunts

In the Spring season only Musk Ox and small game can be hunted.  This is the best time to hunt musk ox as the coat and hair is thick and you will get the full Arctic experience.

Musk Ox are abundant, and the success rate is 100% shot opportunity. After you hunt your Musk Ox, time permitting you can hunt for other small game. Other activities include a dog sled ride and a visit to the polar ice cap which is an unforgettable experience. While it cannot be guaranteed there is a good chance that you will get to see the Northern lights which is indeed a special sight.

You will be met by the outfitter on arrival in Kangerlussuaq and drive about two hours across the frozen fjords to camp. The hunt itself is conducted using ATVs. Once a good bull is spotted a stalk on foot is conducted. Archery hunters also enjoy a very high success rate. While the temperatures are cold, dressing in  proper layers of clothing along with an outer seal skin jacket and overalls that can be rented from the outfitter makes it quite comfortable.

A typical Spring hunt itinerary is as follows:

Fly from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq where the outfitter will meet you and drive you to camp, about 2 hours. You will arrive in time to hunt that afternoon and the next two full days. On day 4 you will return to Kangerlussuaq in time to catch your flight back to Denmark.

Dates of the hunt are typically March to early April.

Fall Hunts

In the Fall hunt a hunter can do a combination hunt for Musk Ox and Caribou.

The Fall hunt is conducted using small boats to cross the fjords and go along the shoreline. The Musk Ox are generally found feeding close to the shore and once a good bull is spotted a stalk is done on foot. The Caribou are more challenging to hunt as they are found at higher elevation in the mountains close to the fjords. One needs to be prepared to hike in these mountains to hunt the Caribou and be in a good physical condition.

A typical itinerary is as follows:

Fly from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq where you will spend the night at a local hotel at your expense. The next day you will fly by helicopter to camp. You will arrive in time to hunt that afternoon and the next two full days. On day 4 or 5 depending on the hunt schedule you will return to Kangerlussuaq in time to catch your flight back to Denmark.

The cost of the helicopter charter is included in the cost of your hunt.

Dates of the hunt are August to early September.


Please contact us for latest pricing and availability.



The best way to get to Greenland is via Copenhagen, Denmark. For clients coming from North American you will need to arrive in Copenhagen and spend the night before taking your early morning flight the next day on Air Greenland to Kangerlussuaq. On your return journey you will also have to overnight in Copenhagen before taking your flight home the following day. We recommend spending a few days stay in Copenhagen either going to or coming back from Greenland as it is a beautiful European city and well worth seeing. Many of our clients arrange for their wives and non-hunting companions to meet up with them in Copenhagen turning it into a nice family vacation.


You will stay in a warm, cozy cabin on your hunts. The cabin has 4 bedrooms that sleep two people per bedroom and can thus accommodate up to 8 people. A sitting area that has a stove makes it comfortable to socialize and spend some time together when not hunting. A common attached toilet with a wash basin is shared by all the hunters. In the winter there is no running water, but water is warmed on the stove and can be used for washing up. Showers and bathing facilities are not available. All meals are had in an adjacent outfitters cabin where the guides stay. Tea and coffee are provided during mealtimes. If hunters wish to, they can bring some alcoholic drinks with them. A duvet and bed linen and a pillow are provided, hunters wanting to bring a sleeping bag can do so as well. Please also remember to carry a small towel and all personal medications and toiletries. Keep in mind this is a very remote hunt in the arctic where nothing is available and weather conditions can be severe.

Hunter’s typically hire a rifle from the outfitter as it is easier than travelling with guns as one also has to transit through Denmark. The outfitter has good quality scoped rifles in 300 Winchester Mag caliber. Archery equipment can be brought without any problem. Cross bows are not allowed.

The weather during our Spring hunts can be -20C! We suggest dressing in layers, typically 4 layers on top and 2 layers on the bottom. The outfitter rents seal skin outerwear clothing which is windproof and very warm, their clothing package also includes sorrel boots and gloves. You will also need to bring appropriate head gear and Goggles are also required when riding ATVs.  The weather during the fall hunts are similar to North American Fall temperatures and hunting conditions.


  • The cost of the Spring hunt includes one trophy Musk Ox. If you wish to take a second Musk Ox please let us know before your hunt.
  • The cost of the Fall hunt includes a Musk Ox or Caribou. An additional Musk Ox can be added to your hunt.
  • The transfer from Kangerlussuaq to camp in the Spring is by 4wd vehicle and ATVs and by helicopter in the Fall season. The transfer is included in the cost of your hunt.
  • After your hunt your trophies are frozen and will be shipped frozen in a container to NY. After they are cleared by customs, they are shipped to a local taxidermist for initial defrosting and processing.
  • All hunts are scheduled by hunt periods. Each hunt group size can vary between 6 to 8 hunters. Two hunters sharing a room in the cabin.


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